Compiling a packing checklist for your sailing trip is a fantastic way to keep organised, and make sure that nothing important gets left behind. In addition to your clothes and personal items, you need to be sure that you cater for your sailing and emergency necessities that would make you trip a nightmare if you were to sail off without them.

Boats tend to come equipped with many supplies, such as snorkelling gear, life vests and kitchen utensils/appliances. Consult the list of items your boat comes with, and be sure to bring:

  • Your passport and licenses, and copies of each. A travel pouch or hidden money belt may be a useful item for all your important documents.
  • Your prescription medication if you are taking any. Be sure that the bottles are labelled with your full name and dosage details.
  • Soft, fabric luggage like a duffle bag or backpack. Luggage with hard covers and metal frames are difficult to fit into cabinets and closet spaces.
  • Your favourite sunblock, SPF lip balm and insect repellent. Avoid bringing tanning oil since it can stain the wood or fabrics on the boat.
  • Waterproof pouches for your money and electronic devices.
  • Travel size toiletries. Nail clippers and tweezer may be useful to bring along.
  • Seasickness pills or patches, and sleeping aids just in case the rocking of the boat does not put everyone to sleep.
  • A hat, a pair of sunglasses, several t-shirts, shorts and swimwear. You should also carry a windbreaker, a light raincoat and a fancy outfit for dinner.
  • Shoes, one pair of boat shoes and a pair of flip flops or street shoes for walking around on land (although it is best to go barefoot)
  • A beach towel
  • Your favourite electronic device. You may not want to carry large or bulky items, but your phone, kindle or iPod would be fine
  • Miscellaneous items such as matches, flashlights, batteries, wipes, duct tape, device chargers, playing cards and a journal for jotting down your trip notes.

Just in case you were wondering you should not bring:

  • Expensive jewellery and belongings that are of high value
  • Hairdryers or flat irons
  • Too many clothes and makeup products
  • Heels, dark soled shoes that can mark the deck of the boat
  • Work from the office
  • And most importantly, worries

Sailors often fly the flags of their countries on their boats, if you have any that you would like to fly, feel free to carry them.

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