With its one of a kind mix of French and English culture, outlandish blossoms and uncommon natural products, a rich history of narrating,and well-seasoned foods, make it a need to visit Grenada is known as the “Island of Spice.”

It’s additionally the passage to the untainted cruising grounds of the Grenadines, where you’ll encounter a portion of the best cruising anyplace in the Caribbean. Mariners of all aptitude levels will delight in the Windward Islands, with somewhat more difficult cruising conditions than the BVI, yet at the same time offer short sections and amazing view.

Regardless of whether it’s unwinding on a betrayed shoreline, seeing the island homes of demigods and sovereignty, or flame broiling a lobster on the grill, the Grenadines have something for everybody.

Grenada itself has a mind-boggling sentiment group and benevolence. There’s a regarded therapeutic school, a few tight-sew towns, and an entrepreneurial soul with an eco-accommodating still, small voice. This soul was a piece of the enchantment that prompted to the Grenada Chocolate Company’s prosperity on the island and over the world.

From the minute you jump into the completely clear water, you’ll get yourself inundated in a world overflowing with brilliantly hued fish and coral. Luxuriate in warm breezes under delicate moonlight. Remember history investigating hundreds of years old strongholds. Climb through rainforests and swim among coral reefs, all among a portion of the friendliest individuals on the planet.

We’ll acquaint you with the Island of Spice and plan your optimal voyage through the Grenadines – all we have to know is your fantasy. We offer bareboat, by the lodge, and completely maintained yachts lasting through the year. With an armada of 28 pontoons at our Grenada base, we know there’s a cruising experience perfectly for you.

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