Wherever you live, whether it’s in the Caribbean or otherwise, you’ve most likely heard complaints about the cost of living at some point or the other. And it seems to be rising each time you turn.

But there is hope, however.

In keeping with a list drawn together by Bruce Northam for the travel website, Thrillist, one particular island in the  Eastern Caribbean is one of nine “incredible countries” where anyone who is interested in staying for a lengthy period or relocating could survive on just US$1,000 per month.

This Caribbean country is Spice Isle Grenada. It was named on a list which also included Zimbabwe, Laos, Nepal, Montenegro, Armenia, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Fiji.

Why the lovely Spice Isle?

You’ll save on exotic spices, fruits and vegetables, which are fresh and accessible all year round. It’s also a whole lot cheaper than Trader Joe’s.

You will find an abundance of impressive beaches and wonderful places to rest your head on this West Indian paradise. Set your watch to Grenada Maybe Time (GMT) because while you’re there, time will keep slipping away from you like the locals’ sing-song accent that most times needs translating. Be sure to remember that this is the Caribbean and to move around at a reasonable cost you’ll have to be more “native” than you would usually prefer.

Keeping the peace is Grenadians’ commission to British colonial law — one should genuflect to a portrait of the queen when entering a court. And try not to swear, it’s not very hard to land there. Locals refer to here as a “church state” because using obscenities within earshot of a police officer can warrant an arrest. You don’t need any other languages but English to get around. 

The local hangouts play pulsating soca music, which gets everyone up and bouncing. It’s called it wining, (pronounced “why-ning”) and it’s a sensual dance, where couples swivel for hours, hardly ever making eye contact with each other. You will also, undoubtedly encounter some of the international students enrolled in the local medical school, possibly on the same dance floor.

Grenada offers affordable adventure. Hike trails through the rainforests, lazy day picnics on beaches, and plenty opportunities to mingle. The national dish called oil down is a local treat. It gets its name from the coconut milk oil that permeates the one-pot stew of callaloo, breadfruit, cabbage, salted pork, fish, dumplings, turmeric, and whatever else is on hand.

 The bustling traffic circle near Grand Anse Beach is a makeshift marketplace sarcastically named “Wall Street” because of the strip-mall parking area that is bookended by banks. Along with being a mini-bus stop, the area attracts locals who gather to buy barbequed meat and drinks sold from ice chests in pickup trays. On the weekends, cars blast music, creating instant street parties.

You’ll soon hear calypso music flowing with the barbecued night air. That would be your cue to follow the sweet sound of steel pan and behold this West Indies invention that doubles as delivery for wit and political commentary. You can hire a taxi cab who’ll take you to wherever your heart desires for the night, all night, all for about $20.

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