How you leave your vessel in the boatyard toward the finish of this season can have a major effect to what you come back to next season.


  1. Decommission your motor and generator


To expel all hints of salt water, once pulled change the oil, crisp water flush, separate fumes elbow and seal up channel. Approach the yard about doing this for you.


  1. Fuel cleaning


Presumably the most widely recognized reason for sudden motor issues we see are brought about by filthy and defiled fuel. Strong particles gather at the base of the tank and exactly when you require it most, the motor comes up short.


  1. Flush your detachable


New water flush and run the carburettor dry. Give your unused dinghy fuel away – it won’t be useful for use next season.


  1. Expel pop jars


In the event that anybody leaves pop jars on load up over the mid year, it is a mix-up they just make once. They tend to detonate leaving a particularly sticky chaos.


  1. New water washing and drying


Deck and cockpit pads, danbuoys and anything you are stowing inside ought to be new water washed and completely dried before stowing. Salt water will empower buildup and form. In the event that you come up short on time – we can do this for you.


  1. Leave the inside as perfect as possible – particularly heads and lodges


This is difficult on the off chance that you are remaining on board and Island Dreams can clean the inside for you once you have left, or…


  1. Spend your last night(s) off the pontoon


For Spice Island Marine – Cool Runnings Apartments and True Blue Bay Resort are helpful choices. For Grenada Marine – La Sagesse is adjacent.


  1. Guardianage


Having the pontoon checked routinely will console that your batteries are charged as you expect, the vessel inside is in great condition and you have not sprung any surprising water spills around ports, brings forth or deck fittings. Contact Island Dreams for our standard check list, and if there is something else you would particularly like us to incorporate on each check or similarly as an erratic, let us know.


  1. Capacity


Consider expelling and putting away things which may:


  • endure in the warmth (PCs)


  • endure in the sun (dinghies)


  • lessen wind current around the pontoon (sails)


Contact Island Dreams for data on how and where to store things off the pontoon.


  1. De-humidify


We have not discovered electric dehumidifiers important for most water crafts put away in Grenada. Starbrite DampRid or comparative items function admirably – and gather an astounding measure of dampness. We discover we have to supplant the refills no less than consistently in the most moist time frame amongst August and November.


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