Grenada, the Spice Island of the Caribbean rests far south of the gorgeous Caribbean archipelago. It hosts an incomparable mix of English and French spirit; it is an entry to the sailing grounds of Grenadines. The destination promises the finest sailing and yacht experience the Caribbean can provide.

Those who have experienced it say – ‘Grenada offers something for every sailor.’ Its serene beaches, grand scenery and lobster barbecues, begs you to get involved.

Grenada is blessed with white sand shorelines to set up an unadulterated and revitalizing experience. These beaches are most times unoccupied and remain untouched by humans.

If you are a lover of warm surfs reaching the shores or spectacular sunrises – Bathway beach is a must visit during your Grenada yacht charter excursion.

Some gorgeous beaches you must visit while chartering in the Grenada:

  • Bathway Beach
  • Black Bay Beach
  • Dusquene Bay
  • Grand Anse Beach
  • La Sagesse Beach

Grenada has probably the clearest waters you will find in the Caribbean. The underwater treasures and vivid marine life will captivate any diver.

If you go snorkelling, you will find an exceptional display of reefs, remarkable shipwrecks and an enchanted sculpture park. These exciting drift dives are a must-visit during Grenada yacht charter excursion.

Throughout the year, Grenada offers amazing sights of Pilot, Bryde, Sperm and Pygmy whales. It is generally between the months of April-December that the humpback and curvier beaked whales, bottlenose, Fraser and Franciscana dolphins can be seen.

Deep coastal fishing, or onboard afternoon parties with lively soca music can be another highlight of your Grenada yacht tour. The tours generally last an hour and are also reasonably priced.

Your Grenada charter trip can be the perfect occasion to enjoy intimate moments with your partner. Sunsets range from cool tones, to gold, to fiery red, and each is a work of art on its own. Enjoying it on a yacht, sipping champagne with your soulmate underneath the billowing sails is simply majestic.

You may opt to spend some quality time enjoying the Spice Isle’s lush vegetation and its pristine atmosphere. You can walk through the dense tropical forests and see some of the best views that Grenada has to offer.

Grenada is fitting for camping, rock hopping and enjoying the most charming waterfalls. Here are some names you should add to your visit wish-list.

  • Annandale Waterfalls
  • Concord Waterfalls
  • Victoria Waterfalls
  • Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls

Getting these of these waterfalls may be a bit of a challenge, but it is worth the effort.

There are other great activities to enjoy in Grenada, including kayaking, BBQ lunch parties, or playing volleyball. If that is not your style, you can always chill out by the shore with a cocktail and a good book.

If you are already packing your bags and planning for a Grenada yacht charter excursion, December is the best time to get moving. The rainy season in the region would be drawing to a close, and winter will be setting in for you. So, it would be a prime time to set sales and score some sunshine.

Book yourself a Grenada yacht charter tour and pamper yourself in its unspoiled anchorages and regal beauty, and find the reason it is called a tropical paradise.

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